Marrakech Station

Eat or not to eat here?

If you want to eat pretty well in Marrakech, just do what the locals do. Eat at the food stalls in the Jamaa el Fna. Did you know that these stalls are here not only for the tourists?

They have been in existence very long before Marrakech became a tourist popular destination. All of the stalls are very safe to eat at. They are licensed and controlled by the government, especially in the present times.You will be surprised by variety of local dishes.

Day and night

Main square of Marrakesh is used by locals and tourists. During the day you will see usually orange juice stalls, water sellers in motley costumes with traditional water bags and brass cups. You meet many people who wants to pose for pictures for tourists.

Square changes during the day. Late in the day square becomes more crowded, with dancing groups, different storytellers (telling their tales), magicians, and traditional medicians. At the evening, meaningful part of Jamaa el Fna converts to big restaurant with dozens of food stalls with many kinds of aromatic meat, delicious sea food and so on.

UNESCOIntangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

UNESCO inscribed square on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008. Below quote from their website:
"Located at the entrance of the Medina, this triangular square, which is surrounded by restaurants, stands and public buildings, provides everyday commercial activities and various forms of entertainment. It is a meeting point for both the local population and people from elsewhere. All through the day, and well into the night, a variety of services are offered, such as dental care, traditional medicine, fortune-telling, preaching, and henna tattooing; water-carrying, fruit and traditional food may be bought. In addition, one can enjoy many performances by storytellers, poets, snake-charmers, Berber musicians (mazighen), Gnaoua dancers and senthir (hajouj) players. The oral expressions would be continually renewed by bards (imayazen), who used to travel through Berber territories. They continue to combine speech and gesture to teach, entertain and charm the audience. Adapting their art to contemporary contexts, they now improvise on an outline of an ancient text, making their recital accessible to a wider audience."

Square is one of main Marrakech attractors. Located inside Medina is perceived as a good point to stay in nearby Hotels or Riads.

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